Roses in Vineyards Protect the Vines

Well, yes and no. In centuries past, roses were planted with vines because the rose plants were sensitive to some of the things that afflict wines - black rot, bugs, etc. If the rose bush was suffering, it was time to break out preventative measures. Also, some had the theory that roses were tastier than grape vines, so it would draw bugs and such to the roses and away from the grapes. Unfortunately, if this theory was true, then the roses would be like advertising "come here for a treat" to bugs, drawing in bugs that might normally have trundled along towards a flower garden. Sharpshooters, for example, just love roses, and are drawn to them ...

Nowadays, most wineries are monitoring the soil and health of the plants, and don't need those roses. They do look pretty, though ... you can even use red and white roses to indicate the grape colors!

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