Sumerian Wine Gods

The Sumerians and Egyptians were heavily into wine - the Egyptians packed their pyramids with amphorae of wine, each labelled with the vintage, vineyard, wine type, and other information! These people took their wine seriously. You can read more about wine in these times in my Wine in the Ancient Days article.

The gods and goddesses of this period were:
  • Geshtin (Geshtinanna, Gestinanna), "Lady of the Vine", Sumerian goddess of the vine
  • Spenta Armaiti, Persian goddess of the vineyards
  • Renenutet, Egyptian goddess of the harvest and wine
  • Ninkasi, "Lady Who Fills the Mouth", was the Sumerian goddess of intoxicating drink. She was born in fresh water, but her liquid of choice was beer. (Obviously she was a lesser goddess!!)

Wine Religions