Winter Theme Wine Charms

Wine Charms help keep track of whose glass is whose. Wine charms are little charms that you attach to the stem of each wine glass, so that each guests can easily remember which one belongs to him or her.

These wine charms are all done with a wintery / holiday theme - find something relating to your personal interests!

Christmas Wine Charms Christmas Wine Charms
You've got charms here that work well for a Christmas party or for any wintery themed event. There are two different snowmen, two different wintry trees, a nutcracker and a Santa Claus. Only the Santa is specifically Christian, so you can use the others if you're going for a more cross-religious event.

Christmas Wine Charms Christmas Bulbs Wine Charms
These charms all look like little, old fashioned holiday light bulbs. You have golden, silver, red, yellow, green and purple. Each one has a few little beads to accent the main charm.

Christmas Tree Wine Charms Christmas Tree Wine Charms
This is cool because not only do you get 12 different charms - far more than with most sets - but you also get a pretty tree to have them hang on! This is the sort of thing you can have in the middle of your dining room table and it's both lovely and functional. There are multiple colors to choose from; each person can choose their favorite colored ball.

Note that I do NOT sell these above wine charms myself! I am just linking to wine charms I've found on the web, that I found interesting. Please let me know if one of these links goes broken.

I've put togegther Wine Charm Making Instructions if you're feeling creative!

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