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A Cut Above Steakhouse

When we visited the Niagara wine region in 2006, we went with English wine writer Peter May who loves steak. I did a lot of research to try to track down the best steakhouse in the area. It seemed that the Cut Above Steakhouse, in the Fallsview Sheraton, was the place to go. Not only did it have an amazing view right over Niagara Falls, but it claimed to have very high quality Angus steak on the menu.

Note that there are TWO Sheratons in Niagara Falls, and this is the one "away" from the main hotel area. It is literally right above the falls, further south from the rest of the crowded area. It has a ton of parking, which is nice! The restaurant is on the second floor of the hotel, up the stairs from the lobby area.

We were very lucky to get a table right up against the window. The view of the falls was gorgeous.

There was a very interesting buffet set up, with a salad area, a main dish area with prime rib, and then a dessert table. Peter went for the Angus steak, while Bob and I opted for the buffet. None of these were cheap, as you might imagine for this high tourist area. It was about $30 each for our dishes. Unfortunately, the service came nowhere near matching these prices. We had numerous problems getting information about the menu, getting our water refilled, and so on.

The salad buffet was OK, but only had the basics available. There were many things we'd expect to find at even a Ruby Tuesday salad bar which weren't found here. The main buffet was OK, with things like lasagna, pizza, pasta, the aforementioned prime rib, and so on. Dessert had a selection of cakes, pies and puddings. Peter found his Angus steak to be very good.

We were extremely disappointed by the wine list here. This was a high end restaurant in a prime tourist area. It should be chock full of Niagara region wineries, with many by the glass for sampling! Instead, they had only a few. We had the Stoney Ridge Cabernet Franc, which was excellent. When we asked for ice wines by the glass, she said "sure". We asked her which ice wines they had, and she went off to check. It turns out that they did NOT have ice wines by the glass, and only one ice wine by the bottle. She said they did have ports, but again she expected us to just order one without knowing the name or anything else.

While the view was very lovely, there were several other restaurants we visited during our trip which were far superior to this one, and I wouldn't recommend coming here. See the view from the boardwalk before dinner, and then go somewhere that has great food and service for the price.

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