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Henry of Pelham is one of my favorite wineries in the Niagara region. Several years ago I spent the entire afternoon here tasting the wines and talking with Paul Speck, one of the three brothers who runs this winery. This past visit in 2006, we spent several hours talking with Daniel Speck as well as Donna and Rose of the tasting room. What a wonderful way to wile away the day!

Henry of Pelham is located in the "short hills" area of Niagara. It is not down against the lake or river. Instead, it's up on "the bench" - the sloped area that rises up from the lake's edge towards the escarpment. This is a fascinating part of Niagara. In the summer, it's a bit cooler because it's up higher. In the winter, the warm air rises up from the lake and heads inland, but because it's warm air, it is moving up higher than vineyard level. When it hits the escarpment, the escarpment causes the air to stop and spin, meaning it keeps the bench vineyards moderated and warmer than other area wineries. Where vineyards down in the lower areas often need windmills to keep the air circulating and safe from frost, Henry of Pelham can keep their vines safe naturally.

The three Speck brothers have been working on this vineyard since they were small, planting vines and tending to them as they grew. Now that they are grown with families of their own, they are enjoying the fruits of their labors! They know every corner of the vineyard, every vine and grape. They have learned many tricks along the way. For example, they grow large daikon radishes in between the vines. When the radishes grow large, they're either picked or left to rot. Either way, the holes left behind help to help the soil stay aerated.

There's a lovely cafe here, as well as a large tasting room with numerous wines to sample. Henry of Pelham is known throughout the region as having the best baco noir available. They also have fantastic ice wines, delicious cabernet franc, scrumptious chardonnay ... OK, pretty much everything they offer is wonderful.

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