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I love Long Island. It's a quiet land of fishing and nature, with the potato farms slowly being converted into gorgeous vineyards. It's an easy ferry ride to get over to Long Island, and you can spend the day driving down the quiet road, stopping every 5 minutes at a new winery. Definitely find a way to visit!

Here are photos and reviews from my various trips out to Long Island, New York.

By Winery Name
Bedell Winery
Corey Creek Winery
Gristina Winery
Jamesport Winery
Lenz Winery
Macari Winery
Old Field Winery
Osprey's Dominion Vineyards
Palmer Winery
Paumanok Winery
Pellegrini Winery
Pindar Winery
Ternhaven Cellars

By Trip Date
July 2000 - Summer Breezes
Sept 2003 - Fall Harvest
Jan 2005 - Winter Wonderland

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