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Pindar Vineyards, Long Island

Dateline: 06/20/00

Our third stop after lunch on our recent Winery trip on Long Island was at Pindar Vineyards, located in Peconic. Out of all the wineries we visited, this was the most commercial, and with its ring of tasting bar area the place was completely mobbed. Perhaps this is fitting of a winery named after a Greek poet.

Pindar is the largest winery on Long Island, with 550 acres planted with sixteen types of grapes planted, all vinifera. With 20 different wines currently on the list, it's no wonder that hordes of visitors come to sample the wines.

We went right for the high-end wines at this location. They charge for samples of these, since the bottles themselves are more than the typical amount in this area. We began with the 1997 Mythology ($27.99). This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petite Sirah is a delicious Bordeaux-style blend. It was smoky and fruity, rich and warm. It has also earned quite a bit of praise: 'One of the TOP 50 wines of the world' - (Bon Appetit Magazine Jan 1997).

We then tried the 1994 Cuvee Rare 'Champagne' ($27.99). Quotes are mine, since this obviously is not from France :). It is created completely from Pinot Meniur grapes, and is aged for 5 years after bottling. It was bubbly and clean, light and dry. Quite a bargain.

Next, the Johannisberg Riesling Ice Wine ($34.99/375ml), which is actually a cryo-wine (meaning they froze the grapes in a freezer instead of freezing them on the vine). The wine in this bottle is equivalent to five normal bottles of Riesling. It tasted strongly of apricots, with hints of honey.

We decided to go back and taste a few more at this point, so we downed some water and crackers (for a small fee) to cleanse our palates back out. Pindar made the first viognier and the first syrah in the region, so we tried both of these. The 1995 Syrah ($24.99) is fruity and earthy, slightly tannic, with a lovely aroma. The 1998 Viognier ($22.99) had a very light flavor of flowers.

Finally, we went for the 1997 Cabernet Port. They age the port in small oak barrels, and it was a good, rich flavor with chocolage, coffee and other subtle flavors. This would go well with a chocolate dessert.

While the prices are higher than the other nearby wineries, the wines themselves are also very well crafted, and have won countless awards. If you're touring the Long Island region, you definitely need to stop by Pindar!

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