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Long Island Winery Visit -
September 2003

In September 2003 we decided to do a day trip to Long Island to see the island in full harvest swing. This was both a gorgeous time to visit the region as well as a MADHOUSE of people and traffic. Every single winery seemed to have an event going - either a wedding, a live band, a food tasting, or all three combined. The bars were often 4-5 rows deep with people, and you barely got to say what you wanted to try, never mind learn more about the wine being poured.

The very first winery we hit after coming off the ferry in Orient Point is the Ternhaven Winery. This building is actually in a shop area and does not have the winemaking equipment around - it is a tasting room across from the carousel.

Next came the Old Field Winery - one of my favorite stops. The family pours the wines, the vines are all around you, and they have chickens to play with!

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