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Ternhaven Cellars, Long Island

If you've taken the ferry over to Long Island, the first winery you meet up with is Ternhaven Cellars. Located across from a carousel and full of nautical decor, this is the classic Long Island of the fishermen and beachcombers.

The sign outside reads "Last Winery Before France", and in the small tasting bar area you can chat with the owner while you sample the many wines being poured. They're in the $15 price range, made from grapes grown at the vineyard 10 miles away. Ternhaven has been making wines for 16 years.

The 98 Merlot ws rich and juicy, with good tannins and a slighty dusty flavor. The Claret d'Alvah was smooth, rich and fruity. The '98 Cabernet was a rich berry flavor, bright, light tannins with a gentle finish. Their Carousel Merlot was smooth, fruity and light, with cherry flavors. This was a blend between 1996 and 1999 Merlot.

Definitely a great end to the day if you're driving in from the mainland, or a nice start when coming in from the ferry. For nostalgia, take a ride on the carousel too, and enjoy the ocean breezes!

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W 072.21.871'

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