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Columbia Crest Winery Visit

Columbia Crest is located off the beaten path in the Yakima Valley winery region in Washington State. It's well worth making the effort to get there - the winery and wines are quite enjoyable!

I visited in the summer of 2004, on a quest to sample the Cabernet Sauvignons of Washington State. Columbia Crest's 99 Reserve had taken top place at a NYC blind tasting, beating out Californian and French top names.

I have to admit we got quite lost tracking this winery down, so make sure you get a good map and directions before heading south from the main Yakima Valley stretch. As you drive down the lonesome road, the winery appeared suddenly in the vast, flat landscape of plains. There were thick vines, a lovely pond, and a large chateau building with marigolds and roses around it. The windowboxes overflowed with flowers, and the winery had a very welcoming feel to it.

Unlike the wineries near Seattle which get heavy tourist trade from casual visitors, those hitting Columbia Crest usually do so quite deliberately, because they were in the area and knew they wanted to visit this winery in particular. Many people are doing long drives to and from the cities in the region, and stop in for rest and relaxation.

The winery shop and tasting area are large and well lit, and Sharon was quite happy to talk with us as much as we wanted about the wines. There's a real sense of passion with the people here. They aren't set up somewhere "commercial" to churn through the visitors. They're out amongst the vines, watching over their grapes with loving care. There are 2,500 acres at the estate.

I highly recommend getting out to visit Columbia Crest if a trip to the Yakima Valley is in your future. Read on to learn about the wines we tasted!

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