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Hogue Winery Visit

Some of the best known Washington Wines are made by the Hogue Winery, located in Yakima Valley. It's well worth a visit to the winery, to experience the wide range of flavors they create.

The winery itself is located in an industrial complex, so don't look for a large chateau-like building or acres of vines on the property. What you get instead is a lovely tasting room, friendly staff with all the knowledge and enthusiasm you could ask for, and of course the delicious wines.

There are four main lines of wine offered here. There is the fruit forward line, made in stainless steel and having a fresh, fruity flavor. The genesis line is aged in oak and has a smoother flavor. Then there are the Reserve and Terroir lines, the high end wines only sold at the winery itself. Did I mention it's time for you to plan a trip out here?

The tasting room is great for hanging out in for a while, talking to the employees and looking through the items. There were a wide variety of items available here that we didn't see anywhere else on our trip - from wine-themed music to a delicious set of teas, and much more.

If you get to the Yakima Valley, this is definitely a winery to put on your list. It's right off the highway, too!

2002 Terroir Late Harvest Riesling
They get this down to 1% sugar and 14.5% alcohol! Don't think "sweet and syrupy" with this one. It's got tangerine, honey, vanilla, and great citrus fruit flavors. Somehow it manages to be smooth, light, fresh and complex all at the same time. Highly recommended. Available only at the winery. I'll encourage you again - come visit!

2003 Fruit Forward Johannisburg Riesling
2% sugar, with nice, smooth complex flavors that I love. Orange blossom, apricot, cinnamon, clove, even powdered sugar. A treat for the taste buds.

2003 Genesis Viognier
30% of the barrels are 1st year here. It's a light wine with creamy, fresh flavors and a long, juicy finish. Not floral or fruity like many other west coast viogniers; this tends more to the mineral crispness.

2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Single Vineyard Desert Wind
What a name! This has a luscious, full mouth feel and a great nose. Medium tannins and berry flavors have earned this wine praise from many sources. $30.

2000 Genesis Syrah
A hint of lemburger grape gives this additional complexity. Light and spicy, with mineral and earthy flavors, along with gentle fruit.

2001 Terroir Syrah
This syrah is fresh and fruity, with spicy flavors and a long, gentle finish.

Thanks to Valerie and the team here for the relaxing fun!

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