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Kestrel Winery Visit

The Kestrel Winery is located right next to the Hogue Winery in an industrial park off the main highway in the Yakima Valley. While it's less well known than Hogue, it is definitely worth a visit!

The winery has a comfortable feel to it, with a bacchus fountain and friendly staff. We spoke for a while with Richard Larson, who not only talks with visitors but also lends a hand with the winemaking as well.

Kestrel 97 Cabernet Sauvignon
Lovely wine with a long, juicy finish. Flavors of cherry, berry, spice and rich flavors.

Kestrel 99 Cabernet Sauvignon
Full rich aroma, black cherry, vanilla, graham and plummy finish. I love the graham flavors on this one.

Kestrel 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon
Medium tannins with a rich, juicy fresh flavor. Cherry, berry, fresh spice and a full finish.

Kestrel 2000 Estate Signature
Light tannins and a smooth flavor, with cocoa, cherry and graham flavors. This one can still age another 5+ years.

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