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Snoqualmie Winery Visit

Snoqualmie Winery is located in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. It is affiliated with the Columbia Crest winery and is indeed along the same road.

This winery is still working to get signage put in, so it's wise to call ahead to get directions. Watch for the frontier-style building down a sloping hill, with wood and square decor. There are no vines in sight here - the grapes are shipped in from various locations in the Columbia Valley.

We skipped the whites and went right into the reds, focussing on the cabs.

2001 Rosebud Cabernet Sauvignon
An easy sipping wine, this featured a fresh, gentle flavor and light aroma. Fruit, cocoa, butterscotch and fruits featured. $15.99

2001 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
A richer aroma here, with complex flavors and a long finish. Mocha, pepper, and tobacco. $25

2002 Cirque du Rose
Those who avoid blushes as 'boring' should give this a try. It's not super-sweet, instaed having a light, fresh flavor perfect for summertime. Strawberry, spice and gentle spices. $9.99

2001 Snoqualmie Syrah
Juice, smooth and fruity, with a lovely finish, flavors of blackberry and blueberry. $12.

2000 Reserve Syrah
Another juice, smooth wine, with light tannins and a fresh, full flavor. Blackberry and blueberry again, with hints of plum.

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