Wine and Food Pairings - 5/20/2018 11:45:42 PM
Some people treasure delicate spices in their food. Others want enough hot sauce that their eyes are running tears when they take a bite. That's ok! We are all quite different from each other and that's what makes our world so wonderfully diverse.

Pairing wine with food is exactly the same thing. Some people adore Champagne with chocolate truffles. Other people dream about having a thick rare steak with a glass of malbec. The most important part of wine pairings is finding out what you personally like. Taste buds are different. Favorite foods are different.

Use these guides as a starting point - and then explore! Find out what works best for you and your own personal combination.

Wine and Food Pairing Basics

Cooking with Wine Basics

Restaurant Wine Tips

Pairing Wine by Food Types

Pairing Charts by Wine Color

Red Wine and Food

White Wine and Food

Champagne and Food

Menu Suggestions by Wine Type

Champagne Pairing Suggestions

Chardonnay Pairing Suggestions

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